Conveyor roller

Product introduction

     Our Nam Thanh Mechanical Factory is the first and only entity in Vietnam producing high-quality Idler Roller.

With the Korean technology and equipment system, we have developed NT Idler Roller with high reliability, smooth operation, and perfect sealing.

Products of NT Idler Roller satisfy standards of JIS, KS, CEMA… and widely used in long belt conveyor system, pipe belt conveyor system in industries including Cement, Thermal plant, Mining ores, and more…

We continuously make an effort in research and development in order to improve the quality of products, aiming to be the first-class unit in the International market in the Idler Roller field.

We would like to express our gratitude to customers who have been liberal in the interest and support our NT Idler Roller. Have you got any question/special inquiry, please contact us here.

Below is our list of products.