Introduction of Duaplate

     Duaplate is a composite material consists of a hard overlay of Chromium Carbide bonded in based metal by the welding process.

To build a duaplate, we use welding material supplied by well-known makers such as Corodur from Germany and Huyndai Welding from Korea. A modern automatic welding machine is the most important equipment to produce high-quality duaplate.

The high energy input of the welding process ensures a secure bond between the base plate and the hard overlay. Furthermore, this welding procedure minimizes the dilution of welded metal in the base material. As a result, distinct and strong Carbides are formed at every level in the overlay. Therefore, our duaplate has consistent wear-resistant from top to bottom of the hard overlay.

After the welding process, dubplates are rolled to straighten and reduce the stress simultaneously. Then, they are ready for delivery to the customers or further fabrication in our factory.

Product Description

Type and Specification of NTplate

Duaplate produced by NamThanh Group is named as NTplate. There are 4 kinds of NTplate, which are designed for different application as shown below:

Wear-resistant ability of NTplate:

Thanks to the hardness of chromium carbide, which can reach 1,500 HV (nearly as twice higher than silica), duaplate is superior to other materials in terms of abrasive resistance. The result of wear test according to G65(A)-2010 standard is shown in bellow chart:

From the test result, NTplate is proved to be much more durable than mild steel in terms of wear-resistance. So, their service lifespan is varying from 4 to 26 times longer than mild steel.

Available size & thickness of NTplate

Standard NTplate is 3.00m long and 1.50m wide and has a variety of thickness as below:

NTplates can be supplied in any form/requirement you need; whether it’s complex steel fabrications or just prototype from drawing.